NY Hot-Shot Athletes’ Unabashed Behavior Comes Back to Haunt Them

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There’s an article from New York Magazine written by Will Leitch which acknowledges that Brett Favre‘s retirement from the NY Jets and pooor A. Rod’s announcement of his uh-oh! spaghetti-o steroid use exemplify a fall from grace for two of New York’s most controversial athletes.  Especially in terms of New York media sources, Favre and A. Rod have hogged the athletic limelight with their larger-than-life tangled escapades.

When any athlete belonging to a team is shrouded in media attention, might this have an impact on the nature of the team? And arent these shenanigans bound to hinder the players’ morale?

With the exorbitant salaries that fastened these athletic careers in place, smiling pretty for the camera is the least they can do. But stirring up a media fiasco by bring their personal affairs into the public domain, was these guys’ own doing. Despite his  Don Juan antics of the past, nowadays hottie third baseman Derek Jeter keeps a pretty hush-hush profile and continues to uphold a clean All-American Boy image. Jeter has learned that it’s best to concentrate on what he does best–looking hot in his Yankees uniform and playin’ ball.

“We care less about their psyches—the squishy notion that A-Rod feels “sorry” about using steroids, or that Favre will miss competing—than their game,” Leitch says. In other words Leitch is saying that these sissy athletes need to g

While actors and actreesses lives include entail scandal, and affair and DUIs, athletes like politicians acquire fame through inherent capabilities and a life full of hard-work and dedicatio,while, let’s be honest, most Hollywood stars arrive on the big screen by being at the right place at the right time or knowing someone important. But the public expects that athletes and politicians lead both physically and mentally-sound lives. The big-time  slumps both A. Rog and Favre’s careers recently suffered from, however, shows that sports-stars pay the piper when stepping outside of their athletic boundaries.

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