• Oh no! Abandoned puppies! Let’s help!(snopes)
  • Mary-Kate Olsen talks to Interview Magazine(Interview)
  • Yay Topshop! The first American Topshop is less than two months away from the highly anticipated opening date  set to take place on April 2.  A capricious ambience has ollowed TopShop since the first announcement of its trans-Atlantic ventures in 2007. Lets just hope we’re not the brunt of some sick, sad wild goose chase. (nitro: licious)
  • Topshop! Artist rendering of NYC Topshop is nuts….I think Im gonna have to camp out for opening day. (nylon)
  • Did you know animal from the Muppet Babies is said to be modeled after The Who’s Keith Moon? Find this and other bizarre muppet facts at “Surprising stories behind 20 muppet characters.” (mental floss)
  • when the goings get tough get thrifty. Thrift stores offer a sea of affordable, unique, and stylish clothing items. Develop a patient attitude and dismiss preconceived notions about thrifting, and see what you can find. (buzzle)
  • Because I’m like an immature 5 year-old child, I found “How to Party Like a Five Year Old” particularly compelling. (brazen careerist)

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a starry-eyed mischief-making creative oddball with a vivid imagination, a wandering attention-span, and a stubborn refusal to take myself too seriously.
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