narcissism+girl scout cookies

(an old boyfriend of mine once told me i reminded him of the banana in this video. i can kind of see where he’s coming from.)

  • this is lethal. girl scout cookie recipes. directions and ingredients on how to make thin mints, do si dos, and even samoas. (the kitchn)
  • NYU’s number one “most fashionable school.” (sparkle shelf)
  • if you’re a destressed college student like myself, chances are you’ve come out of an all-nighter library stint with crater-sized bags under your eyes. If so check this post out on how to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes. (running with heels)
  • new york times is doing a series called one in 8 million, in which “tells the stories of New York characters in sounds and images.” the times adds a new personality profile to its growing roster of photo-docs, which essentially capture the spirit of the everyday new yorker, as a celebration of the city’s splendid diversity.
  • twitter fiends and facebook junkies who clog are social media accounts with play-by-play updates of their lives mightsuffer from narcissistic personality disorder. slate has a fascinating article on the cult of narcissism and how the me!-me!-me! disorder has infested American culture. (slate)
  • even the brawniest drinking heavyweights get hangovers from time to find. but next time, try some of these hangover cures the morning-after a binge-drinking extravaganza. (daily dose of coffee)
  • alphabetical list of yahoo’s 100 movies to see before you die. some of my favorite inluded on the list are annie hall, citizen kane, fast times at ridgemont high, raise the red lantern, pulp fiction, vertigo, animal house, and one flew over the cuckoo’s nest(driven to distraction)
  • ny times has an article on the importance of recess and play. such departures from the academic rigmarole have shown to stimulate the mind and improve one’s mental capacity. finally, an academic article to confirm my most cherished beliefs. play=good. a frowny-faced, serious-looking sour-puss is just no fun to be around. not everything needs to be so serious all the time; we could all improve the quality of our lives if we just learned to lighten up a little bit. (ny times)
  • 100 greatest books of all time (art and letter)
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