finding a balance

hi. i’ve been wandering wandering for far too long, mozying aimlessly about in a roundabout frolick. finding myself stranded and dreary, lonely and teary. ok…ok so enough with the debby downer hoohah. lets talk business. i’ve had a…um lackluster year to say the least. i spent the past eight months tangled in one mess of a relationship, found out what its like to feel burned out, and let my life get way way out of hand.

if nothing else this whole falling out has been one hell of a wakeup call. before this past year i’d been extremely ambitious, hard-working, and studious. and while it was nice to have a 3.6 GPA and good internships, i now realize i took myself far too seriously. somewhere in between militant disciplinarian and procrastinating mischief-maker. a crazy free-spirited oddball with a wondrous imagination and a whole lotta ambition.

and to you, anonymous, delusional ex-boyfriend of mine–caught ya ; ) have fun playing on j-date.

and just because its my favorite song ever:


About MischievousMal

a starry-eyed mischief-making creative oddball with a vivid imagination, a wandering attention-span, and a stubborn refusal to take myself too seriously.
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