I’m a not-so-simple type of country girl who’s struggling first and foremost to afford posh clothes, “party all the time, party all the time, party all the time”, meet lots of boys, and abide by the marching orders of a wanderlust-driven mind. But getting through the underground labyrinth on a mis-managed budget while surrounded by a pool of high-strung nail-biters and utter lawlessness is no piece of cake–and, oh wait, did I mention that I’m a full-time NYU student (a fact I conveniently ignore)

Blatantly out of sync with a city that’s got it’s “knickers in a twist” as the British say, getting by on a day to day basis is always an adventure–I am a pink-obsessed bunny-loving cowgirl from Oklahoma after all.

Mission Statement:

Cowgirl in the City takes you down  the dusty paths on an old-school hayride into the luminous grandeur of Times Square and on through a zig-zagging crazy fun house of adventure along a cowgirl’s wayfaring binge.

Watch this yeehaw-yellin’ vixen hold on for dear life to the country girl’s rambuncious and giddy independent spirit while adjusting to the topsy-turvy landscape of the big city wilderness.Written by an unintentional mischief-maker with a clumsy sense of charm and southern sensibility, the Cowgirl in the City, blends musings on popular culture with ramblings on everyday life in NYC.

Queen is my all-time favorite band.


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2 Responses to About

  1. Kane Sarhan says:

    The CGC would like to personally invite you!
    Come celebrate the launch of the college gossip chronicles with the 50
    hottest NYC college students and additional beautiful people. join us on the
    walk down the pink carpet into a night full of dancing and drink specials –
    April 30th, at crash mansion -199 bowery street and Spring street (take the 6 to Spring street.)

    New York, April 28 – An exceptional guest list of the 50 hottest New York
    City college students from 10 schools within the beautiful city will be
    walking down the pink carpet into the launch party for The College Gossip
    Chronicles. The CGC, recently featured in the NY Post, along with Crash
    Mansion will provide entertainment and drink specials in the course of the
    night of April 30th. The fiesta starts at 11:00pm with performances by
    NinjaSonik and Wild Yak!

    Join us for cupcakes, kissing booths, drinks, and debauchery as The College
    Gossip Chronicles breaks on the scene and blows your mind.

    The Party is 18+
    8$ cover
    10$ if you are under 21

    For more information, visit: thecgconline.com
    email: editor@thecgconline.com
    (212) 982 0740

  2. Ruel says:


    I represent a group of artists in Southern California and
    I would love to send some music to you.
    What is the contact information to send the music to?

    I appreciate the opportunity and thank you for your time.

    Thank you

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