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a starry-eyed mischief-making creative oddball with a vivid imagination, a wandering attention-span, and a stubborn refusal to take myself too seriously.

Drunk America

The Ten “Most Drunk” Cities in America according to Men’s Health Magazine 1. Fresno, CA 2. Reno, NV 3. Billings, MT 4. Riverside, CA 5. Austin, TX 6. St. Louis, MO 7. San Antonio, TX 8. Lubbock, TX 9. Tucson, … Continue reading

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finding a balance

hi. i’ve been wandering wandering for far too long, mozying aimlessly about in a roundabout frolick. finding myself stranded and dreary, lonely and teary. ok…ok so enough with the debby downer hoohah. lets talk business. i’ve had a…um lackluster year … Continue reading

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. yay! hello kitty bonanza.  the cute, the cuddly, and the bizarre sides of hello kitty merchandise. a crafty sales scheme: the issuing of deceptive bra sizes in order to increase business sales. (ny times) real men love fight club. that’s right … Continue reading

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things i likey

play james brown hello kitty queen(band) gummie bears iphone wu tang clan red stripe muscular boys postcards running bunnies subway(eat fresh) tom robbins adventure. thrill pretty notebooks oklahoma university sugar cookies color. lots of color. play betsey johnson tanning swingers(movie) … Continue reading

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aside from their stubborn refusal to compromise and a short-fleeting attention span, aries’ ceaseless passion, inner whirlwind of energy, and audacious charm captivate audiences, and clear the path for aries’ natural ascension into powerful leadership positions. as a fire sign(along … Continue reading

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narcissism+girl scout cookies

(an old boyfriend of mine once told me i reminded him of the banana in this video. i can kind of see where he’s coming from.) this is lethal. girl scout cookie recipes. directions and ingredients on how to make … Continue reading

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