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nicole-richie-photo-shoot-homepage-photo-040209What do you know? More Nicole Richie! this gorge photo is from an In Style House of Harlow photo shoot. Richie’s extending her fashion influence beyond her darling jewelery collection, and is in the process of creating a line of purses, shoes, sunglasses, and other Richiesque fashion accessories.

Rick Cytrynbaum and Brian Cytrynbaum, who own Modern Vintage shoes, Earnest Sewn jeans, and other thriving brands, just recently signed Richie onto their marketing empire. “Nicole is designing everything herself. She’s totally devoted to this, and we’re creating a whole lifestyle around her aesthetic and what is true to her,” Cytrynbaum said.

For die-hard Richieholics like myself, all that’s left now is the excruciating waiting period.


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where the wild things are

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yay links

(The Jungle Book clip doesn’t really have anything to do with any of these links. I just like it a lot.)
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it’s new. i like it.


My Apartment Map is a godsend for any Manhattanite who has an itching desire to know just how much your friends and enemies are really coughing up each month for their apartment rent. If you go to the glorious website and type in the number of rooms and search radius of the apartment location your looking at and the program will fetch both specific and average apartment pricing of the neighborhood. And with the pretty charts and graphs it provides, the revolutionary internet innovation has single-handedly put an end to the days of apartment obscurity. [From Thriller—if you’re not suscribed to this daily email, put you’re ass on it. It will change you’re life.]

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hey look mallory’s on tv!

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Yay Nicole Richie!

The luminous revelation sent an insidious batch of goosebumps along my arms. The pompously over-dramatic ghasp was followed by a crescendoing teenybopper squeal and a click-your-heels sort of giddiness.No I hadn’t aced a paper, gotten a job promotion, and no I hadn’t at long-last found the perfect shade of pink. My over-eager, thrill-filled bliss was, in fact, not at all concerned with mepicture-181 Nicole Richie, my girl crush and hero, now 27 years-old, told People Magazine that she was ready for round two of the mommy game, and expecting another child after having just given birth to Harlow Winter Kate Madden in January of 2008.It was upon the discovery of this fact that I became briefly possessed by scary Star-Wars styled fanaticism.


Despite her wild-child past which is littered by a trail of addictions and felonies and not being married to baby-daddy Joel Madden, Nicole Richie countlessly proved that she was a fun, proud, and devoted mother. Nicole had expressed on a number of occasions that she’d wanted more kids, though the occasion was probably a little sooner than she’d anticipated. After beig asked if she wanted more kids in an October interview with People, Nicole responded to People  “Right now? Oh my God, I need a nap first.” Having starred in Simple Life with Paris Hilton, and spending life in the limelight as Little Richie’s daughter, Nicole also had a singing career, wrote a novel called “The Truth About Diamonds,” and recently developed her own precious jewelery line, House of Harlow, with her number one priority focused on being a nurturing mom while loosing all of her baby weight and looking hotter than ever just weeks after giving birth.

[Source: Celebrity Baby Blog]

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